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Lina R. Pagoso ***** * * * sg 32 Magnolia St., O Q. C. -san Bartolorne a.c. -san Bartolome ** sel I. || l | but ID number Bill Nurnber Date issued Due Oate​. The Church of San Bartolomé is the oldest church of Logroño, Spain. Its construction dates (May ) Click [show] for important translation instructions​.

Liturgy of the Hours Liturgia de las horas. Hot Meal Site. Thursday , June 18 , PM.

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Love Chapel is seeking donations to continue their programming during this time of increased demand of their services. Plan to join us at The Loft Jackson Street anytime between 4 - 7 pm. Food and drinks will be provided.

We look forward to seeing you! In the third, the Saint is expelling the demon from the pagan idols, and converting the rest, angering some priests. This part consists in the following tables, the priests 7 , the idol Berith on a column and praying under 8 and the Saint with a box in hand expelling the devil 9. In the following two tables 10,11 we see how the Saint is led by a soldier to the king Astyages.

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On the far left might have been some scene, which may have been destroyed to build the Monesterio Palace. The twelfth box is empty.

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  4. san bartolomé dating english.

In tables Bartholomew defeats the idol Baldach, who Astyages loves and making command him flogging for his anger, but orders pulling him to pieces because it seems insufficient punishment. We can see the him tied of the four limbs being skinned on a table holding by three female figures: lust, vanity and laziness.

The tympanum of Cristo Redentor of the cover is moved down because in the 16th century stonemason Pedro de Acha reformed the chorus and makes a small window in order to illuminate the place. From this reform is also created the Renaissance arch behind this choir. The date , the year it was completed, is engraved in the voussoirs of the lintel above the door.

The two side windows are linteled, and the floor is paved with stone slabs. The porch is formed by two smooth wooden columns which have a slight entasis, or thicker, mid-section, and there are columns made from a single block of sandstone. De rebus oceanicis et novo orbe, decades tres Cologne: Gervinus Calenius and heirs of Quentel, Repetitio siue praelectiones Vallis-oletanae de purgandi ratione.

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